7 month update (215 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is February 14, 2015 and I am now 7 months or 215 days post-op from my surgery last July.

I got my hair cut right before this post and I am ecstatic with how things are coming in.

My temporal peaks have grown in very well and the restored hairline is long enough to style now and will continue to thicken up over the next few months. To give you all a better idea of how much hair I have grown, compare today’s pictures with when I got my first haircut at 46 days post-op. Wow, what a difference!

Today is also Valentine’s Day and although it’s another commercialized holiday, the best relationship you can have is with yourself and it starts with taking care of yourself.

Since my procedure, my confidence has never been higher and I feel complete. I not only look much better than I did before my surgery but I also feel better than ever.

Check back next month for my 8 month update.

All my best,


Check out my 7 month post-op video on my YouTube channel.

This is Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream, the hair styling product I currently use. Prior to my surgery, I stopped using hair styling products because I was weary of how they would reveal how much of my forehead had receded. 

Photo on 2-13-15 at 1.56 PM #2

Photo on 2-13-15 at 1.56 PM #5

Photo on 2-13-15 at 1.57 PM #3Photo on 2-13-15 at 1.56 PM #4 Photo on 2-13-15 at 1.57 PM #2

Photo on 2-13-15 at 1.57 PM #4 Photo on 2-13-15 at 1.58 PM Photo on 2-13-15 at 1.58 PM #2 Photo on 2-13-15 at 2.01 PM Photo on 2-13-15 at 2.02 PM #2 Photo on 2-13-15 at 2.02 PM #3 Photo on 2-13-15 at 2.05 PM Photo on 2-13-15 at 2.05 PM #2 Photo on 2-13-15 at 2.06 PM

4 thoughts on “7 month update (215 days post-op)

  1. Lance Post author

    Hi CT, thanks for your comment. I will post another update later tomorrow as I just got back from vacation and will do a monthly post all the way until July, my one year anniversary.

    In the beginning stages of growth around the 3 to 4 month marks it’s only noticeable because the surrounding scalp was very red which brought someone’s attention to my hairline. When I went to visit my parents around the 3 month mark, my dad noticed the temporal peaks were really red and then saw a few short hairs sprouting up and then asked me if I had work done.

    The procedure is most noticeable right after the surgery and up to 10 days post-op when you still have all of the scabs and crusts. After they fall out your transplanted scalp looks pinkish-red like you have a sunburn and around the 4 month mark the new hairs really start coming in.

    Since the 6 month mark when I got a haircut that blended all of the new hairs and my existing hair, no one has asked me if I had any sort of procedure done.


  2. CT

    Hi Lance, great blog, thanks for sharing. Will you be providing us with the 8 month update, very interested to see how much it thickens out in the last few months.

    Just one question I have – in the first few months after when the thin hairs start to come through is this really noticeable to others, particularly at the front of the hairline? I guess it is fairly difficult to disguise that some change is happening at the front.

    Thanks again,


  3. Lance

    Hi David, thanks for your comment. I got a 3-guard on the back and sides and had the top and front blended with scissors.

    I had my frontal hairline straightened and lowered as well as my temporal peaks built out. I had so much extra hair that they also implanted a ton of extra grafts into the vertex/top of my scalp.

    Things are looking great!


  4. david

    Hair is looking cracking bro. What number is this at the back and sides? And where di you have grafts implanted, temporal peaks and frontal hairline…anywhere else?


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