Second procedure: 5 month update (152 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is Monday, April 11, 2016 and I am now 5 months post-op from my second hair transplant procedure that I had on November 11, 2015 with Dr. Matthew Huebner of Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

More hair is gradually growing in behind the grafts from my first procedure so a lot of the thin areas like in my right temple are filling in. From months 4 to 6 the hair finally starts coming in but it comes in very patchy like the hair on your forearms so if it’s your first procedure you won’t be able to style your hair from the new hairline until about 7 months post-op.

As you can tell from my pictures and video I’m not home in Washington, DC as this week I am on vacation in Austin, Texas where I visited my friend and former patient adviser Steve Cook who now works for Dr. Dan McGrath. The best way to reach Steve is or at 305.416.8418

As I’ve said before, Steve is a fantastic resource for hair transplants and is a wonderful advocate for patients and Dr. McGrath is a wonderful and talented surgeon who also performs the multiple follicular unit procedure like Dr. Huebner.

As much as I praise Dr. Huebner’s work as he’s operated on me twice, he’s not the only qualified surgeon worth looking into to have hair transplant surgery with. I highly recommend Dr. McGrath’s practice as he also performs the strip method with the multiple follicular units just like Dr. Huebner.

I don’t work for any one hair transplant surgeon, I work for you all, the guys (and gals) who are looking to do this surgery so I want to help you all find the best surgeon for your needs and Steve can help point you in the right direction.

Unfortunately it’s more common to get a bad result in this industry than a good one so knowing which surgeons can give you an undetectable and fantastic result can put you on the right path.

Check back next month in May at the 6 month mark.

All my best,


Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.27 PM Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.27 PM #2 Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.27 PM #3 Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.28 PM Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.28 PM #2 Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.28 PM #3 Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.28 PM #4 Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.29 PM Photo on 4-11-16 at 1.29 PM #2



2 thoughts on “Second procedure: 5 month update (152 days post-op)

  1. Lance Post author

    Hi Manisha,

    Sorry for my delayed response. You bring up a pretty good point about how there are a lot of unqualified surgeons out there that push results that aren’t their own work. It sounds like you’re happy with your result after two surgeries. If you have pictures you’d like to share, email me at

    All my best,


  2. Manisha Arora

    hey bro i am new here but i am fairly pleased with my hair transplants. i have had two surgeries from Dr. Ron Shapiro in minneapolos, minnesota. my choices without question were between him and Hasson and Wong from vancouver, canada. they are the top docs in my eyes. i could post some pre/post pictures if anyone would like. also, before going through with the surgery i researched for about 2 years. i have been on many consoltations in my area and let me tell you there are some scary doctors (some not even certified doctors) that are doing hair transplants. i think the most horrid place i went to for a consultation was the hair loss treatment centers in troy, michigan. i sat down with a sales rep and he showed me a brochure of pictures and i noticed immediately that i had seen these photos at other consultations! when i questioned him about it, he flustered a bit and then tried to casually play it off by saying, “well, these are just some examples of what we can do to, and added, the photos just came with the brochure.” i was thinking to myself wtf!! the doctor at this location later brought me in to watch a procedure in progress and he was casually just poking holes in the patients head while making jokes. what a freaking joke lol. i got out of there fast!!!


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