Second Procedure: One Year Update and Final Result (366 Days Post-Op)

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Hello everyone,

Today is Friday, November 11, 2016 and I am now one year post-op from my second hair transplant procedure.

After two procedures and more than 12,000 total hairs, my follicular journey is complete. My hair is full, thick, and has the design and shape I feel I should’ve had all along.

Below are some pictures of me that compare the results from my first and second procedures, and it was worth it for me to do the second procedure.

My linear scar healed much better this time than last as I spent two months out of the gym and had to reset my programming. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was sick a lot this year and haven’t really maxed out much so I was able to maintain my strength and muscle mass while my suture line continued to heal.




These pictures compare my results from my first procedure with Dr. Huebner back in 2014 to my second procedure in 2015. Although my hairline and temporal peaks have been built out, you can still see some thin areas that needed to be filled in. Compare them with the pictures from my second procedure, and you can tell how much thicker my temples are. You’ll also notice my left corner used to be more round and is now more square. 

As I mentioned back in July when I celebrated my 30th birthday, whenever I look at pictures of myself prior to my two surgeries I honestly don’t recognize the man I see in those pictures and I’m glad that’s not me. The hair really does make a difference in my appearance.

Splitting hairs

Unfortunately my second scar has also stretched, although not as bad as my first one, so at some point this upcoming year I will have my linear scar filled in via FUE.

To all of my followers and anyone out there looking to embark on their own follicular journey, I hope I’ve provided the best possible map. It’s been a privilege to share this journey with you all and as always if you ever need to reach me, I’ll be here to help you embark on your own follicular journey wherever it may take you.

All my best,


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