Third Procedure: Day 2 post-op (1-19-17)

Hello everyone,

Today is Thursday, January 19, 2017 and I am now two days post-op from my FUE procedure with Dr. Daniel McGrath to fill in my linear scar and touch up my frontal hairline.

I went to Dr. McGrath’s practice one more time before I fly home on Saturday, and he told me the grafts are healing really well and to continue my post-op regimen.

I am still using the saline spray a few times every hour on the grafts and am still shampooing my grafts with a cup and putting the biatracin on the extraction sites.

My head is still a bit numb especially in the  left-middle side where I had residual numbness from my second linear procedure.

Check back tomorrow for my Day 3 update.

All my best,

photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-38-pm photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-38-pm-2 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-2 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-3 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-4 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-5 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-6 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-7 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-40-pm photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-40-pm-2 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-40-pm-3

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