Third Procedure: Day 3 post-op (1-20-17)

Hello everyone,

Today is Friday, January 20, 2017 and I am now three days post-op from my follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX.

Compared with my previous FUT/strip surgeries with Dr. Huebner, I’ve noticed the grafts from this FUE procedure are not nearly as large and I think a few of the grafts are beginning to shed, especially in my left temporal peak and left side of my frontal hairline. The grafts in my suture line are still hanging on and I am gently washing them with the pads of my fingers and still using a cup to rinse them in the shower.

The extraction areas in the back of my head are continuing to heal well via the bacitracin and the sites look much better now compared with the day of my surgery.

Check back tomorrow for my Day 4 update.

All my best,

photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-39-pm photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-39-pm-2 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-39-pm-3 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-39-pm-5 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm-2 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm-3 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm-4 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm-5 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-41-pm photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-41-pm-2

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