Third Procedure: 6 month update (181 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is Monday, July 17, 2017 and I am now 6 months post-op from my Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) scar revision procedure with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX.

I got a haircut on Saturday, July 15 and it honestly was not the best haircut I’ve had since I’ve been doing this blog. The barber cut the frontal bangs shorter than I would normally have them and both temporal peaks look a bit patchy but the back and sides look really good with little notice of a crease line with a No. 4 guard.

Going into this month, I had trouble finding the 50 single hair grafts that were placed in the front but I have just started to notice them as they were placed in and around the existing frontal hairline I had and are very weak. My patient educator Steve Cook told me that the grafts in the front are hard to find because I have had a lot of work done there and because there aren’t many and they’re just sprouting, they’re hard to see.

Meanwhile the grafts in the back that filled in my suture line are continuing to grow and I feel more stubs when I run my fingers along the scar.

At this point I have another six months to go and I am confident that I will be able to cut my hair shorter than a No.4 guard without seeing any discernible crease line.

As I mentioned last year at this time when I reached 8 months post-op from my second FUT/strip procedure with Dr. Huebner, the month of July marks a lot of important events in my life.

Last week on July11, I turned 31 years old and at this point I only continue to look and feel better than the previous year. Last Friday, July 14, marked the three year anniversary of my first procedure with Dr. Huebner. When I compare what I looked like at age 28 with such deep temporal recession with what I look like now at 31, my surgeries have taken years off of my appearance.

Check back next month in August when I reach one of my favorite parts of the hair transplant progress at 7 months post-op.

All my best,



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