Dr. Matthew Huebner

I had my two FUT/strip hair transplant procedures in 2014 and 2015 with Dr. Matthew Huebner.

After researching for almost two years, I chose Dr. Huebner because he could move more hair in one procedure than most surgeons can move in several procedures, can properly build out a patient’s temporal peaks, and uses larger density grafts that contain multiple follicular bundles that create density in the vertex and crown regions of your scalp.

dr. huebner

Prior to specializing in hair restoration surgery, Dr. Matthew Huebner worked as an emergency medicine physician for about 10 years.

Dr. Huebner quantifies the amount of hair a patient receives by the length of the donor strip in square centimeters multiplied by 200 hairs per square centimeter, which is average density for most patients.

My two procedures with him got me 6,210 and 6,500 total hairs which would equate to some 8,000 combined grafts at most other practices.