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Second Procedure: Day 5 Post-Op

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Hello everyone,

Today is Monday, November 16, 2015 and I am now 5 days post-op from my procedure.

More of the crusts are starting to flake off in the shower and the swelling that was in my face yesterday is beginning to subside. I figure by Wednesday the swelling will be gone and all of the crusts should be gone by this weekend.

One week from today I will have my sutures removed and I find that the tightness in my suture line comes and goes but every day I am improving and feeling better.

Check back tomorrow for my Day 6 post-op update.

All my best,


Photo on 11-16-15 at 7.10 PMPhoto on 11-16-15 at 7.10 PM #2Photo on 11-16-15 at 7.10 PM #3Photo on 11-16-15 at 7.10 PM #5Photo on 11-16-15 at 7.10 PM #6Photo on 11-16-15 at 7.11 PMPhoto on 11-16-15 at 7.11 PM #2Photo on 11-16-15 at 7.11 PM #3