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Third Procedure: 5 Month Update (150 Days Post-Op)

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Hello everyone,

Today is Saturday, June 17, 2017 and I am now 5 months post-op from my FUE scar revision procedure.

I got a haircut two weeks ago on June 3 and it was the shortest haircut I’ve had since this procedure.

The barber used a No.4-guard on the back and sides and then trimmed the bottom of the back of my head to a 2-guard, while I had the front and top blended with scissors.

I noticed a slight crease line on the left part of the back of my head but I’m pretty confident that area will eventually fill in. I’m thinking by one year post-op I should be able to cut my hair comfortably down to a 3-guard on the back and sides but we’ll have to wait and see until next January.

I feel like at this point the hairs in the back of my head where the old suture line is are growing in much faster and thicker than the single hair grafts that were placed in my frontal hairline and left temporal peak.

Although most would be concerned that not much is growing at this point, in my experience at 5 months, I’m about 60 percent of the way through so I have plenty more to grow.

Check back next month in July when I reach 6 months post-op.

All my best,