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Second procedure: one year update (366 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is Friday, November 11, 2016 and I am now one year post-op from my second hair transplant procedure with Dr. Matthew Huebner of Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

After two procedures and more than 12,000 total hairs, my follicular journey with Dr. Huebner is complete. My hair is full, thick, and has the design and shape I feel I should’ve had all along.

Below are some pictures of me that compare the results from my first and second procedures, and it was worth it for me to do the second procedure.

My linear scar healed much better this time than last as I spent two months out of the gym and had to reset my programming. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was sick a lot this year and haven’t really maxed out much so I was able to maintain my strength and muscle mass while my suture line continued to heal.




These pictures compare my results from my first procedure with Dr. Huebner back in 2014 to my second procedure in 2015. Although my hairline and temporal peaks have been built out, you can still see some thin areas that needed to be filled in. Compare them with the pictures from my second procedure, and you can tell how much thicker my temples are. You’ll also notice my left corner used to be more round and is now more square. 

As I mentioned back in July when I celebrated my 30th birthday, whenever I look at pictures of myself prior to my two surgeries I honestly don’t recognize the man I see in those pictures and I’m glad that’s not me. The hair really does make a difference in my appearance and Dr. Huebner’s work has made such a positive impact on not only my life but the lives of so many other patients.

Splitting hairs

For full disclosure at some point this upcoming year I will have my linear scar filled in via FUE with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX.  I say this because although Dr. Huebner has helped me accomplish my hair restoration goals, unfortunately my second scar has also stretched, although not as bad as my first one. In my experience, I think Dr. Huebner’s closure technique works well for about 90 percent of his patients, however if you’re someone who is very active and lifts weights a lot your scar could stretch. I don’t think Dr. Huebner is doing anything wrong, it’s just that my scars happened to stretch and at this point in time he doesn’t do any FUE work. As a relatively new hair transplant surgeon he is still developing his practice and his craft so for my scar, I will go with Dr. McGrath who can help me fill it in.

Aside from my scar, once again I find myself again gushing over the job Dr. Huebner and his staff have done.

And to Dr. Huebner, thank you for everything. Over the past two years you’ve given me more than just my hair, your work has retrieved my youth and my self esteem.

To all of my followers and anyone out there looking to embark on their own follicular journey, I hope I’ve provided the best possible map. It’s been a privilege to share this journey with you all and as always if you ever need to reach me, I’ll be here to help you embark on your own follicular journey wherever it may take you.

All my best,


photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-34-am photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-34-am-3 photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-36-am-3photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-36-am-2photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-37-amphoto-on-11-11-16-at-10-35-am-3photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-35-am-4photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-36-amphoto-on-11-11-16-at-10-35-am-6photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-38-amphoto-on-11-11-16-at-10-37-am-4photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-37-am-3

Thank you, Dr. Huebner!

Hello everyone,

For this post I just wanted to express my gratitude to Dr. Huebner and his staff for the amazing work they did on my hair transplant.

If you told me before my surgery that my results would look the way they do and I would be this happy about them, I would’ve found it unbelievably believable. After all of the research I did I knew that Dr. Huebner would do such a fantastic job but to experience it firsthand is beyond words.

I can towel dry, cut, and style my new hair any way I want and I don’t have to go to a special barber. Anyone can cut my hair and I can use any styling product I wish.

If you plan to have this surgery with Dr. Huebner be prepared to have a thick, full head of hair. It’s life changing and worth it.

Now that it’s filled out I feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The best part of my results is the relief I feel when I look in the mirror and know I don’t have to worry about going bald anymore. I’m no longer self-concious about how much of my forehead shows when I style my hair or have my picture taken from a certain angle. Having a full head of hair is such a liberating feeling.

In the beginning stages of growth at the 3 month mark I was asked if I had anything done to my scalp but since the 7 month mark when it really started coming in, I’ve gotten so many compliments on how my hair looks and people are floored when I tell them I had a hair transplant.

When I look at my old photos from the beginning of my journey, I hardly recognize my old self and I’m glad that’s not me.

To Dr. Huebner, Steve Cook, and the rest of the staff, thank you for restoring not just my hair but also my confidence and self esteem.

It looks like this is the end of my follicular journey.

I hope this blog has served its purpose in educating potential patients about hair transplant surgery and answered any questions you may have. Although I won’t be making any more regular updates, this blog will stay online to serve as a roadmap for your own follicular journey wherever it may take you.

It’s been quite a ride and I’m glad to have shared it with you all.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Huebner’s new practice, check out his website Natural Transplants.com.

All my best,


One year update (365 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is July 14, 2015 and I am now one year post-op from my hair transplant procedure with Dr. Matthew Huebner.

To give you all an idea of how much hair I have grown over the past year, below are my before, after, and today’s one year post-op pics.

Overall I’m really happy with the result I have and I think my pictures really speak for themselves and for the job that Dr. Huebner, Steve Cook, and the rest of the staff did. When you compare what I Iooked like a year ago to where I am now with a thicker, fuller head of hair it’s unbelievably believable.

For full disclosure, I think one part of the scar on the middle-right side of my head did not properly heal because even with a 4.5 around the scar, the right side still looks like a crease if I wore a baseball cap. I got a haircut on June 25 where the barber used a 4.5 around the scar and then he blended the hair below the scar with a 2 and then blended the top and front with scissors, and that one side showed a crease instead of my left.

Dr. Huebner told me that it’s entirely possible that one side of a scar could heal better than the other so as far as I know, I didn’t do anything wrong during the healing process.

Dr. Huebner also told me that if it is something that really bothers me, he can examine it and take that scar out and create a new one from a new strip for a second procedure, or he can implant grafts to fill it in.

The next question is whether or not I will have a second procedure and I probably will. I was told coming into this that one procedure can get you 30 to 40 percent more density and realistically you might need a second procedure to have what many hair transplant doctors consider a finished product. I have some areas in my left and right temples that had no hair a year ago that could stand to be more filled in, but like I’ve said before, from months 12 to 15 there is even a 5 percent push, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

But overall, I’m am so happy with what I see in the mirror and how it makes me feel every day.

To all of my visitors and followers of this blog it has been my pleasure sharing my experience with you all and I hope that this blog will help anyone looking to embark on their own follicular journey, wherever it may take you.

It has been a pleasure serving you all.

All my best,


Note: Not long after my first procedure, Dr. Huebner created his own practice called Natural Transplants.

Check out my one year post-op video on my YouTube channel.

Before (7-14-14)

before-front before-top



The plan (7-14-14)

consultfront consultfronttop consultleft consultright

1 year post-op (7-14-15)

Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.15 PM Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.15 PM #3 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.15 PM #4 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.15 PM #5 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM #2 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM #3 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM #4 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM #5 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.17 PM Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.17 PM #2


Hello and welcome to my hair transplant blog, My Follicular Journey.

My name is Lance and I had a follicular unit transplantation (FUT/strip) procedure on July 14, 2014 conducted by Dr. Matt Huebner in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Later in 2014, Dr. Huebner created his own practice called Natural Transplants.

I will post updates of my progress as the transplanted hairs begin to grow.