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Third Procedure: Day 7 post-op (1-24-17)

Hello everyone,

Today is Tuesday, January 24, 2017 and I am now one week post-op from my follicular unit extraction procedure (FUE) with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX.

All of the crusts that were in my suture line are now gone and tonight was the last time I used the bacitracin on the extraction sites above and around my suture line. A lot of hairs that were placed in the suture line, left temporal peak, and frontal hairline have hung on after the crusts have fallen off, so it’ll be interesting to see if they continue to stay on over the next couple of weeks. Once the hair on the back and sides grows out and covers my scar, I’ll get a haircut to blend everything in.

I think tomorrow will be my last recovery update as I am now waiting for the numbness in parts of the back of my head to subside and I will return to my workout regimen next wee

Check back tomorrow when I reach 8 days post-op.

All my best,

photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-38-pm photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-38-pm-2 photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-38-pm-3 photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-39-pm photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-39-pm-2 photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-39-pm-5 photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-40-pm photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-40-pm-2 photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-40-pm-3 photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-40-pm-4 photo-on-1-24-17-at-10-40-pm-5

Third Procedure: Day 6 post-op (1-23-17)

Hello everyone,

Today is Monday, January 23, 2017 and I am now 6 days post-op from my follicular unit extraction procedure (FUE) with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX.

All of the crusts that were in my frontal hairline and left temporal peak are long gone and I feel like I have about a quarter of the crusts left in my suture line. Despite how fast the crusts have fallen off, I feel like a lot of the hairs from those crusts have stayed behind, and I’m still placing the bacitracin on the extraction sites.

One other thing I wanted to mention is that I have some residual numbness on the back-left and back-right parts of my head but the only time I feel it is when I lie down with my head on the ground like when I stretch. I don’t feel any numbness when I sleep.

Check back tomorrow when I reach one week post-op.

All my best,

photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-21-pm photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-21-pm-2 photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-21-pm-3 photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-21-pm-4 photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-21-pm-6 photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-21-pm-7 photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-22-pm photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-22-pm-2 photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-22-pm-3 photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-22-pm-5 photo-on-1-23-17-at-10-22-pm-6

Third Procedure: Day 3 post-op (1-20-17)

Hello everyone,

Today is Friday, January 20, 2017 and I am now three days post-op from my follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX.

Compared with my previous FUT/strip surgeries with Dr. Huebner, I’ve noticed the grafts from this FUE procedure are not nearly as large and I think a few of the grafts are beginning to shed, especially in my left temporal peak and left side of my frontal hairline. The grafts in my suture line are still hanging on and I am gently washing them with the pads of my fingers and still using a cup to rinse them in the shower.

The extraction areas in the back of my head are continuing to heal well via the bacitracin and the sites look much better now compared with the day of my surgery.

Check back tomorrow for my Day 4 update.

All my best,

photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-39-pm photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-39-pm-2 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-39-pm-3 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-39-pm-5 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm-2 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm-3 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm-4 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-40-pm-5 photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-41-pm photo-on-1-20-17-at-7-41-pm-2

Third Procedure: Day 2 post-op (1-19-17)

Hello everyone,

Today is Thursday, January 19, 2017 and I am now two days post-op from my FUE procedure with Dr. Daniel McGrath to fill in my linear scar and touch up my frontal hairline.

I went to Dr. McGrath’s practice one more time before I fly home on Saturday, and he told me the grafts are healing really well and to continue my post-op regimen.

I am still using the saline spray a few times every hour on the grafts and am still shampooing my grafts with a cup and putting the biatracin on the extraction sites.

My head is still a bit numb especially in the  left-middle side where I had residual numbness from my second linear procedure.

Check back tomorrow for my Day 3 update.

All my best,

photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-38-pm photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-38-pm-2 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-2 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-3 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-4 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-5 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-6 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-39-pm-7 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-40-pm photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-40-pm-2 photo-on-1-19-17-at-9-40-pm-3

Second procedure: one year update (366 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is Friday, November 11, 2016 and I am now one year post-op from my second hair transplant procedure with Dr. Matthew Huebner of Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

After two procedures and more than 12,000 total hairs, my follicular journey with Dr. Huebner is complete. My hair is full, thick, and has the design and shape I feel I should’ve had all along.

Below are some pictures of me that compare the results from my first and second procedures, and it was worth it for me to do the second procedure.

My linear scar healed much better this time than last as I spent two months out of the gym and had to reset my programming. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I was sick a lot this year and haven’t really maxed out much so I was able to maintain my strength and muscle mass while my suture line continued to heal.




These pictures compare my results from my first procedure with Dr. Huebner back in 2014 to my second procedure in 2015. Although my hairline and temporal peaks have been built out, you can still see some thin areas that needed to be filled in. Compare them with the pictures from my second procedure, and you can tell how much thicker my temples are. You’ll also notice my left corner used to be more round and is now more square. 

As I mentioned back in July when I celebrated my 30th birthday, whenever I look at pictures of myself prior to my two surgeries I honestly don’t recognize the man I see in those pictures and I’m glad that’s not me. The hair really does make a difference in my appearance and Dr. Huebner’s work has made such a positive impact on not only my life but the lives of so many other patients.

Splitting hairs

For full disclosure at some point this upcoming year I will have my linear scar filled in via FUE with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, TX.  I say this because although Dr. Huebner has helped me accomplish my hair restoration goals, unfortunately my second scar has also stretched, although not as bad as my first one. In my experience, I think Dr. Huebner’s closure technique works well for about 90 percent of his patients, however if you’re someone who is very active and lifts weights a lot your scar could stretch. I don’t think Dr. Huebner is doing anything wrong, it’s just that my scars happened to stretch and at this point in time he doesn’t do any FUE work. As a relatively new hair transplant surgeon he is still developing his practice and his craft so for my scar, I will go with Dr. McGrath who can help me fill it in.

Aside from my scar, once again I find myself again gushing over the job Dr. Huebner and his staff have done.

And to Dr. Huebner, thank you for everything. Over the past two years you’ve given me more than just my hair, your work has retrieved my youth and my self esteem.

To all of my followers and anyone out there looking to embark on their own follicular journey, I hope I’ve provided the best possible map. It’s been a privilege to share this journey with you all and as always if you ever need to reach me, I’ll be here to help you embark on your own follicular journey wherever it may take you.

All my best,


photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-34-am photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-34-am-3 photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-36-am-3photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-36-am-2photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-37-amphoto-on-11-11-16-at-10-35-am-3photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-35-am-4photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-36-amphoto-on-11-11-16-at-10-35-am-6photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-38-amphoto-on-11-11-16-at-10-37-am-4photo-on-11-11-16-at-10-37-am-3

Second procedure: 11 month update (334 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is Monday, October 10, 2016 and I am now 11 months post-op from my second hair transplant procedure that I had on November 11, 2015 with Dr. Matthew Huebner of Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Like I said back in June at the 7 month mark, the 11 month mark is one of the most exciting parts of a hair transplant because at this point I pretty much know what my final result looks like; the one year mark is almost like a formality.

Concerning my linear scar, although the second scar healed much better than my first one because of my extended absence from the gym this year, I still plan on having my scar filled in via FUE with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, Texas some time in the spring. This isn’t because Dr. Huebner did a bad job, it’s just a combination of factors where his particular closure technique, my scalp’s natural flexibility, and my weight training habits lead to my second scar stretching and at this time Dr. Huebner’s practice doesn’t do any FUE work.

Aside from that now that I’m in the home stretch of my progress I’m not sure how much more hair will grow in from months 11 to 12 but I have to say that I am so happy and grateful for the result I have after two procedures.

Check back next month in November when I reach my Follicular Journey’s final result.

All my best,

photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-16-pm photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-16-pm-3 photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-18-pm-3 photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-16-pm-4 photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-16-pm-5 photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-16-pm-6 photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-16-pm-7 photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-17-pm photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-17-pm-2 photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-17-pm-3 photo-on-10-10-16-at-2-18-pm

Second procedure: 10 month update (312 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is Sunday, September 18, 2016 and I am now 10 months post-op from my second hair transplant procedure that I had on November 11, 2015 with Dr. Matthew Huebner of Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

I’m a bit behind on this month’s update as I’ve dealt with a bad sinus infection for the past two weeks but I’m feeling much better now.

As the months continue to fly by, I am just ecstatic with how everything looks.

Since late July I’ve been able to get a consistently short  haircut with a No.4 guard on the back and sides and it looks fantastic!

Compared with how I looked at this time a year ago when I decided to do the second procedure, my hair now is much more thick and I can style it how I prefer with a faux-hawk style.

It’s hard to believe that I am nearing the end of this journey but even with two months left, there is still plenty more growth to go.

In other news another one of my followers Rich had his first procedure a month ago on August 12 and has written his own hair transplant blog called Get Your Hair Back Blog. If you get a chance, definitely check out his blog and also check out Aaron’s blog at Follow My Hair.

Check back next month in October at the 11 month mark as I close in on my final result. 

All my best,

photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-54-pm photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-54-pm-2 photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-54-pm-3 photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-54-pm-4 photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-55-pm photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-55-pm-2 photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-55-pm-4 photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-55-pm-5 photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-56-pm photo-on-9-18-16-at-8-56-pm-2