Why I had hair transplant surgery

Judging by my before pictures, you’re probably wondering, Lance, you weren’t even bald. Why on earth did you have a hair transplant?

The truth is I wasn’t bald yet.


The Norwood scale identifies the severity of a man’s hair loss. Whereas a I contains no hair loss, I was a II prior to my surgery where I had noticeable recession into my temples. My father has been a VII for the majority of his life and if I did nothing to maintain my regular hair, I most likely would have continued down the same path.

Family history and genetics are not on my side as dear-old dad is bald and my older brother from my dad’s first marriage is getting there.

At 28 years old, I had significant recession in my frontal hairline and temples and hair loss is a progressive condition that gets worse with age.

I figure taking care of it now at 28 is the best course of action instead of waiting until I am 38 when it is much worse and more expensive to treat. You don’t have to wait until you are noticeably bald before getting a hair transplant and the sooner you see a hair specialist, the sooner you can find out what your options are.

I first noticed my hair loss when I was 25 after going through a photo album with pictures from my teenage years.

My hair loss made me incredibly self-conscious making me look and feel older than my age and I would avoid styling my hair certain ways as well as having my picture taken from certain angles.

Among the many insecurities that men have whether it be their career, height, or penis size, hair loss tremendously bothers a lot of men and as a young man it’s incredibly disheartening to enter the prime of your life only to see your hair in the shower drain.

Instead of viewing hair loss as an unwarranted vanity issue, I look at it like replacing your front tooth — if you knocked out your front tooth, you’d get it fixed, wouldn’t you? I see moving hair from one part of my scalp to another the same way.

This motivated me to start researching hair transplant surgeons and I ended up having three procedures in total; two FUT/strip procedures with Dr. Matthew Huebner to lower my frontal hairline and build out my temporal peaks, and one FUE scar revision procedure with Dr. Daniel McGrath.

My dad and me at a taekwondo tournament before my 15th birthday in 2001. My hairline used to be much more square like in the front. This photo surprised me with how much hair I had lost over the past 13 years.


This is me during my pre-surgery consultation before my first procedure with Dr. Huebner in 2014. Notice how much higher my forehead and temples are compared with the photo above from 2001.

2 thoughts on “Why I had hair transplant surgery

  1. Lance Post author

    Hi Darren, thanks for your comment. I am coming up on three months but I will post another update around the 4 month mark when more hair grows in.

    I had my surgery on Monday, July 14 and all of the crusts didn’t fall off until 9 days later on July 23 and I had my sutures removed on July 24.

    The week of my surgery I flew in to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, had surgery Monday, and was supposed to fly back home Tuesday but my flight was delayed until Wednesday. The rest of that week I worked from home and then the week after my surgery I went to work with a hat until Wed July 23 when all of the crusts came off.

    By Thursday July 17 I had a lot of swelling in my face into my eyes and nose but it went away after two days. Unless I pointed out the swelling and took my hat off, no one would have noticed I had surgery.

    One more thing was that I didn’t resume lifting weights and working out/playing sports until August 5 because I wanted the suture line to heal as best it could. The back of my head was still very tender even two weeks after the sutures were removed, but once I resumed my weight training, everything was fine; no bleeding.

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  2. Darren

    Looks like you will have good results.
    Interested to see updates.
    How many days did it take you
    to get back to normal after the surgery?
    Meaning did people notice you had the procedure?
    How many days did you stay in Florida after the procedure?
    I heard it takes a few days for swelling to get bad.
    Wish you the best.


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