Hello, my name is Lance and welcome to my blog, My Follicular Journey.

My blog is THE authority on all things concerning hair restoration and chronicles my progress from three hair transplant procedures.

If you would like to learn more about my story and how a hair transplant procedure can regrow your hair, feel free to email me or contact my patient educator Steve Cook at 305.416.8418 as well as steve@mcgrathmedical.com.

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MFJ homepage 1                                Before 2014                                                          1 year post-op 2015

MFJ homepage 2                              Before 2014                                                                1 year post-op 2015

MFJ top and front                             The plan (7-14-14)                                         Immediate post-op (7-14-14)

MFJ L+R plan and post-op                              The plan (7-14-14)                                        Immediate post-op (7-14-14)