Hello and welcome to my blog, My Follicular Journey.

My blog is THE authority on all things concerning hair restoration and chronicles my progress from three hair transplant procedures; my first two with Dr. Matthew Huebner of Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and my third with Dr. Daniel McGrath of McGrath Medical in Austin, TX.

If you would like to learn more about my story and how a hair transplant procedure can regrow your hair, feel free to email me.

Enjoy the blog and thank you for visiting.

All my best,


MFJ homepage 1                                Before 2014                                                          1 year post-op 2015

MFJ homepage 2                              Before 2014                                                                1 year post-op 2015

MFJ top and front                             The plan (7-14-14)                                         Immediate post-op (7-14-14)

MFJ L+R plan and post-op                              The plan (7-14-14)                                        Immediate post-op (7-14-14)

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Wallace

    I recieved 2582 grafts done by Dr. Sheldon Kabaker. He’s based in Oakland, CA. I met several surgeons but he’s the only one I trusted. He responded to my questions via email, he was patient and not pushy.

    So if I did the math correctly Dr. H charged you less than 10k per procedure? You got fantastic results. Looks good. From video Dr. H seems like a nice guy. Does he answer emails and have good follow up? Describe his bed side manner.

    It appeared you travelled from somewhere. Discuss the logistics going & coming back. Was it a hassle? How many days did u stay in Fort L? Was the flight/hotel costly? Did u do journey solo or had a buddy tag along ? That’s my worry if I did a second one.


  2. Lance Post author

    Hi and thanks for your comment. At 6 weeks post-op not a whole lot is happening; it’s really not until you get to about 4 months post-op before you start seeing some initial growth so you’ll just have to sit tight. You may also have some minor shock loss which could explain why your hair looks a little worse than before your procedure. The pimples are a good sign as the grafts are set and they eventually take care of themselves. Dr. Huebner doesn’t charge by the graft, he charges by the length of the donor strip multiplied by 200 hairs per square centimeter. My first procedure pulled a 31.05 cm2 strip and equated to about 6,210 total hairs while my second procedure pulled a 36.675 cm2 strip and removed the old scar pulling about 6,500 total hairs. I was told by my former patient adviser that a strip that long would equate to about 4,000 or so grafts. Who was your surgeon in California and how many grafts did you receive?

    All my best,


  3. Wallace

    Hey Lance,
    Thanks for putting up all this info. Very useful. I have watched several of your

    I am 6 weeks post op. Did my procedure in CA. My hair looks like it did pre-op. Maybe worse. I was a little worried w lack of growth (next to nothing ) but just trying to be calm. I also been getting pimples in recipient area (2-3 week) . Words of advice?

    Secondly I was curious how many how many total grafts did dr. Hubener do each procedure and your cost? I am wondering if it would be worth the $ in case I do a second op.



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