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Second procedure: 11 month update (334 days post-op)

Hello everyone,

Today is Monday, October 10, 2016 and I am now 11 months post-op from my second hair transplant procedure that I had on November 11, 2015 with Dr. Matthew Huebner of Natural Transplants in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Like I said back in June at the 7 month mark, the 11 month mark is one of the most exciting parts of a hair transplant because at this point I pretty much know what my final result looks like; the one year mark is almost like a formality.

Concerning my linear scar, although the second scar healed much better than my first one because of my extended absence from the gym this year, I still plan on having my scar filled in via FUE with Dr. Daniel McGrath in Austin, Texas some time in the spring. This isn’t because Dr. Huebner did a bad job, it’s just a combination of factors where his particular closure technique, my scalp’s natural flexibility, and my weight training habits lead to my second scar stretching and at this time Dr. Huebner’s practice doesn’t do any FUE work.

Aside from that now that I’m in the home stretch of my progress I’m not sure how much more hair will grow in from months 11 to 12 but I have to say that I am so happy and grateful for the result I have after two procedures.

Check back next month in November when I reach my Follicular Journey’s final result.

All my best,

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