My final results after three hair transplant procedures.

Hello, my name is Lance Fuller and welcome to my website, My Follicular Journey.

What started as a blog to document my recovery and progress from my first hair transplant procedure in 2014 quickly became a community.

Every month visitors from all over the globe ask me what a hair transplant entails to what my final result looks like after three hair transplant procedures.

This website is for you, the prospective patient to start your own follicular journey to restore your hair, youth, confidence, and self esteem and to get it done right, the first time. 

This website not only features dozens of posts about my recovery and progress from all three of my hair transplant procedures but also features my advice on what to look for in a hair transplant surgeon, and a list of recommended surgeons who, I think, represent the best of the industry and put patients first.

If you would like to learn more about my story and how a hair transplant procedure can regrow your hair, feel free to email me or contact my patient educator Steve Cook at 305.416.8418 as well as steve@mcgrathmedical.com.

Enjoy, and thank you for visiting.

All my best,