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These posts cover my 10 days of recovery from my first FUT/strip procedure with Dr. Matthew Huebner on 7/14/2014 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

What my suture line looks like

For those who are curious about what my suture line looks like, here are several photos from various points when I had the sutures in and what the suture line looks like as of this post. Right now the suture line is a little red but it will heal over the next year until it camouflages into a white trace line just like a crease in my hair.

Day of the surgery (7-14-14). In the third photo, notice how far the suture line goes all the way past my ear on both sides:




One week with the sutures in (7-21-14):



10 days post op right before suture removal (7-24-14):

In all, I had about 40-some odd sutures in the back of my head

Four weeks (8-04-14):



Today (one month and three days, 8-17-14). Notice how over time, the suture line has become more difficult to find: