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One Year Update and Final Result (365 Days Post-Op)

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Hello everyone,

Today is July 14, 2015 and I am now one year post-op from my hair transplant procedure.

To give you all an idea of how much hair I have grown over the past year, below are my before, after, and today’s one year post-op pics.

Overall I’m really happy with the result I have and I think my pictures really speak for themselves. When you compare what I Iooked like a year ago to where I am now with a thicker, fuller head of hair it’s unbelievably believable.

For full disclosure, I think one part of the scar on the middle-right side of my head did not properly heal because even with a 4.5 around the scar, the right side still looks like a crease if I wore a baseball cap. I got a haircut on June 25 where the barber used a 4.5 around the scar and then he blended the hair below the scar with a 2 and then blended the top and front with scissors, and that one side showed a crease instead of my left.

It’s entirely possible that one side of a scar could heal better than the other so as far as I know, I didn’t do anything wrong during the healing process.

The next question is whether or not I will have a second procedure and I probably will. I was told coming into this that one procedure can get you 30 to 40 percent more density and realistically you might need a second procedure to have what many hair transplant doctors consider a finished product. I have some areas in my left and right temples that had no hair a year ago that could stand to be more filled in, but like I’ve said before, from months 12 to 15 there is even a 5 percent push, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

But overall, I’m am so happy with what I see in the mirror and how it makes me feel every day.

To all of my visitors and followers of this blog it has been my pleasure sharing my experience with you all and I hope that this blog will help anyone looking to embark on their own follicular journey, wherever it may take you.

It has been a pleasure serving you all.

All my best,


Check out my one year post-op video on my YouTube channel.

Before (7-14-14)

before-front before-top



The plan (7-14-14)

consultfront consultfronttop consultleft consultright

1 year post-op (7-14-15)

Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.15 PM Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.15 PM #3 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.15 PM #4 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.15 PM #5 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM #2 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM #3 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM #4 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.16 PM #5 Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.17 PM Photo on 7-14-15 at 11.17 PM #2