Staying in Shape After a Hair Transplant

The most important part of the hair transplant recovery process is getting enough rest and letting your body heal.

Here is a realistic timeline on what to expect on your hair transplant recovery and when you can resume working out and lifting weights:

Surgery day to suture removal: Take it easy. No going to the gym, no heavy lifting, just basic walking is fine.
Two weeks after suture removal: moderate activities like jogging or running is fine.
One month after procedure or suture removal: ease back into heavy exercise like weight lifting and CrossFit.

After the sutures are removed on day 10 post-op if it’s your first procedure or on day 12 post-op if you’ve had two or more, the suture line still heals for up to a full year.

Ideally you don’t want to lift weights or perform any high intensity exercise until a month after your procedure because any barbell or weight bearing exercise that tenses the neck can stretch the suture line.