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Third Procedure: 3 Month Update (90 Days Post-Op)

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Hello everyone,

Today is Monday, April 17, 2017 and I am now three months post-op from my Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) scar revision procedure.

I got a haircut today and had the back and sides cut down to a No.4-guard and didn’t see any crease line issues. The back and sides had been growing out since the day of my surgery and I imagine in the next few months I should be able to cut the back and sides shorter than a 4-guard and not see any crease at all.

I can see one or two short stubby hairs growing out of my frontal hairline and I can feel a few short stubs in my suture line, but at 90 days post-op the majority of the grafts are still dormant.

In my experience, the 3 month mark is the most frustrating part of a hair transplant because the transplanted hairs are still dormant. Fortunately one of the most frustrating parts of a hair transplant is followed up by one of the most exciting parts and at 4 months that’s when the transplanted hairs start growing. 

Check back next month in May when I reach 4 months post-op and things finally start happening.

All my best,